Flying with only the wind carrying you into the sky is one of the most amazing things that you can do in this lifetime. I learned how to do that from one of the best teachers that I have ever had at anything. Jonathan Jefferies was my instructor and teacher. He is patient and knowledgeable about the sport. This is not easy as it requires a vast knowledge of weather conditions, wind, the interaction of wind patterns with ground elements, terrain and some forecasting ability. He combines all of that with understanding the capabilities of each student at any given point in time and what conditions and locations that the particular student can fly confidently and safely. Even when you are not sure what you can do, Jonathan knows. Jonathan always puts student’s safety first. At the same time, he has you doing things that you never imagined you could do. It was a big event when I did my first sled ride at the Point, a few days later I was soaring for over 2.5 hours on the ridge at the Point, and then one day Jonathan took me and some others up to West Mountain for flights which were unbelievably my highest and longest flights then. People looked like ants and landing area looked like it was a million miles away. Still Jonathan knew I could fly it and before I took off so did I. The feeling of soaring for miles at such heights on the wind cannot be adequately described in words other than to say you just need to do it. Jonathan was always there to coach and encourage and, when I had doubts, he would remind me of what I did know and what I had done which always gave me the confidence to try the next challenge. Now there were times when we went to the top of mountains and did not fly. Those are hard for new people who are excited about getting off the ground but Jonathan can make tough decisions when it comes to the safety of his charges. He always follows the mantra that it is better to be on the ground and wish you were flying than it is to be flying and wishing you were on the ground. Yes there were times the wind did not cooperate but there were plenty of times when it did and each flight makes all the waiting worthwhile. If Jonathan can teach me, he can teach you. By the way, did I mention that I have a fear of heights?

Arnie M.

Paragliding is unlike any other feeling in the world. You can walk up a mountain and fly off. You can carry your wing on your back and you can take it anywhere. I started last year and even though I am a total amateur I love it. Paragliding can be as mellow or crazy as you want. I still remember my first flight ever. I was maybe twelve feet off the ground and I thought I was a bird. It is unlike any feeling in the world just running down a hillside and the next thing you know you are flying. I have flown with Jonathan at the renowned “point of the mountain†flying site and other mountain sites around Utah. He is a phenomenal pilot and instructor.

Ben P.

One of my favorite flights so far was when we hiked way up on a ridge next to Squaw Peak, 3000 feet above the valley. It was my first really high flight. I just remember pulling up the glider and running as fast as I could and having it lift me off and watching the ground get further and further away. All I could hear was the cool mountain air rushing through my helmet and Jonathan on the radio telling me to turn because I was so mesmerized watching the deer run through the trees below me that I forgot to. We landed on a big grassy field in a park, what a rush it was with all of those little soccer kids running out of my way as I drifted into the middle of their game. I felt like a super hero.

Bill W.

Why stop with your P2? Jonathan has been my ongoing instructor since I got my Novice rating, and in the 3 months I have been paragliding he has taken me all over Utah to experience a variety of sites, and I am now already about to get my Intermediate rating. Jonathan knows exactly how to help you along while still keeping you safe, so that you can gain the confidence needed to be a good pilot.

Caleb S.

Knowing Jonathan for several years now has shown me time after time his relentless love for paragliding. Flying with him at numerous local sites in Utah, California, and Baja were a blast. Words can’t describe the sights I’ve seen from heights I only dreamed of as a young boy. Having recommended him to friends and acquaintances, there was no question in my mind who would be my instructor to get my T1 rating. As if flying couldn’t get any better, having Jonathan as a tandem dummy was more fun than flying alone. His knowledge and interesting personality made my tandem flights a memorable learning experience.

Chris J.

For years I had driven past the point of the mountain staring at the gliders floating in the air (almost driving off the road as a result). I always said, you know, some day I’d like to try that.†With a gentle push from my wife, I finally got around to calling and arranging a lesson just to try it out. I was amazed that within less than 2 hours after showing up I was airborne for the very first time! It was such a rush, I immediately signed up to learn more. After every lesson, I would drive home somehow still feeling the pull of the wind as if I was attached to my wing (it’s like having sea legs). Pretty soon, most of my spare moments were filled dreaming about getting up in the air again and learning how to be a better pilot. It’s an amazing feeling to harness the power of the wind and feel the wind rushing past you as you gently float along.

Chris L.

WARNNING!!! Paragliding will ruin your life! I got on the path to misery almost three years ago when, under Jonathan’s instruction, I experienced free-flight for the first time. Since then I have all but quit my other hobbies, lost contact with most of my non-flying friends, and depleted a significant portion of my savings on paragliding trips across the country. It doesn’t stop with my personal life, my professional life has suffered too; I am completely miserable on the job, especially during a favorable soaring forecast. My boss is unsympathetic when he catches me playing hooky on a perfect XC flying day. At college I can hardly manage to get my head out of the clouds because I look up at the sky and know I literally could have my head in the clouds. My close friends and family have attempted numerous interventions by making me go snowboarding, whitewater rafting, wake-boarding; but nothing seems to unset the hook. I just went back to Utah to get tandem certified by Jonathan so I can fly with a passenger; misery likes company.

Clancy U.

Like most people in aviation sports I have always had a dream of being able to fly. After driving past the point of the mountain for most of my life and living next to an airport I finally reached a point of being overwhelmed with this desire to fly and decided to give paragliding a try. The first few lessons were an absolute thrill and I couldn’t think about anything other than that sensation of flight. Granted, I only got a few feet off the ground those first lessons but that was enough to get me hooked. As I progressed through the lessons I had an opportunity to be taught by Jonathan and my thrill and excitement was welcomely accepted and accentuated with his level of excitement and dedication to the sport. While most of the other students at the time were spending all their time at the Point of the Mountain Jonathan took me to other exciting locations where I could fly and try my abilities in various situations. Overall the learning was exciting and I wish I could afford to pay Jonathan to be my own personal flying coach. Still, whenever I am at the point flying on my own now Jonathan is always on the ground observing and willing to offer suggestions and give me pointers to make my flights safer and more enjoyable. As much as I try to explain to others the freedom of flight I can never find words to express the thrill. On those beautiful summer evenings when I’m headed to the Point I find it impossible to subdue the excited pounding of my heart and resist the temptation to speed down the freeway and run every red light just to have my flying fix. There is no way to explain the feeling and there are few people I know who haven’t let go of that level of eagerness and excitement that can only be found in student pilots – Jonathan is one of those few.

Dan B.

I credit flying with Jonathan at ‘the Point,’ off the ‘Y,’ West Mountain, Camel’s Pass, etc, with getting me through grad school. There’s nothing like floating off the South side with the sun coming up over the Wasatch. Jonathan’s enthusiasm about paragliding and life in general is contagious. I got the best instruction anywhere. I am now flying helicopters in Oregon, but take my wing to fly with Jonathan in Utah whenever I can.

Dan B.

I enjoy using my limbs. When hiking kids up the mountain, working on the ranch, or commuting on the bicycle (been car free for 11 years), I need every extremity to be functional most days. So when I decided to pretend to be a bird, safety was a primary concern. As a fire department training officer, I understand the importance of clear, concise, and comprehensive instruction in preparing people to safely perform complex superhuman feats. As a summer camp director and Jr. High teacher, I know that having fun is the best way to learn. I researched reputable schools, and decided to book a lesson when I was passing through Salt Lake. Just happened that February was the off-season, and all those dudes where out of the country when I wanted to fly. Being a nice guy, Jonathan covered and took me under his wing. I’m sure the others are great, but I can’t help but feel very fortunate to have been taught by the venerable Mr. Jeffries. Many teach because they love the sport. What sets Jonathan apart is that he clearly also loves teaching. Lessons where action packed with just enough theory to back it up. Tasks progressed in a relaxed but challenging sequence that built confidence. I always felt safe under his watchful eye, even when I got cocky and tried flying into the mountain or inadvertently tried inducing a low altitude frontal collapse. Jonathan loves his sport, his job, and his students. Always engaged and available, he has surely launched many long, joyful, and safe flying careers.

Daniel H.

If your Super Hero power of preference is to fly you must go paragliding. One trip out with Jonathan Jefferies and I was hooked! I have never experienced such exhilaration and excitement then when I have been suspended in the air gazing down at the tiny objects hundreds of feet below me. Jonathan has been teaching me over a year now, a year that has included multiple field trips, many beautiful sunsets, and awesome experiences. I always feel safe when flying with Jonathan. His experience is manifested through the endless knowledge and advice that he freely gives, as well as his association with all of the other pilots. When you show up at the Point of the mountain with Jonathan you automatically have new friends, everybody knows and respects him. Each trip I have been on with Jonathan hasn’t just been guaranteed fun but also extremely educational.

Darin S.

Jonathan Jefferies is a great paragliding instructor. He is very patient, very knowledgeable and does his best to ensure a safe and fun learning experience. He is also very accepting, he didn’t make fun of me like everyone else when I showed up for lessons in my leather pants. Paragliding is one of the most peaceful yet exhilarating things I’ve ever done. There’s nothing like it!

Dave B.

I have always wanted to fly with the birds, free and in the open air. I have flown powered aircraft, but nothing compares to the exhilaration of paragliding. It is also very peaceful and calming floating through the air. Jonathan’s superior teaching techniques allow even the most apprehensive student to gain confidence and develop good, safe habits. He lets you move at your own pace. He is a very patient yet enthusiastic instructor. I feel I must warn anyone interested in the sport that paragliding is highly addictive and satisfying. When you’re sharing the sky with a bald eagle ten feet off your wingtip, you’ll understand….

Derek M.

One of my best paragliding adventures was in Alaska when I flew from a mountain top at midnight on summer solstice. It was amazing to fly into the midnight sun and leave all of those pesky mosquitoes behind! We floated down over the sleepy town of Skagway and Jonathan turned on the run way lights with his aircraft radio. I landed first and quickly gathered up my gear and ran off the runway before the police car with flashing lights saw me. Jonathan wasnt so lucky, the police officer was waiting as he touched down. But it turned out that he just wanted to make sure we were okay. Ill never forget how cool it was to land on a lit up runway at midnight, I felt like I was in a movie!

Emily J.

A couple of years ago I decided to get an introductory paragliding lesson for my wife for a date. She had been complaining that when we go out all we ever do is dinner and a movie. We both really enjoyed it and my wife took a couple more lessons with me as I started my P2 pilot certification. I think I chose an intro lesson instead of tandem flights for our date because I wasn’t sure I wanted to be too far off the ground and figured the intro lesson would be the best way to get a taste without getting 1500-2000 feet off the ground. It certainly worked. I am a pretty moderate person, meaning my mom thinks I am extreme because I have owned a motorcycle and paraglide, but my friends that really are extreme think I am extremely tame. I DON’T love roller coasters or heights, and yet I can paraglide. I don’t think I would have continued in paragliding without Jonathan’s instruction. Earlier in my training I had a couple of other instructors who were amazing pilots but didn’t fit my flying personality. If an instructor says, you’ll be fine are they talking about how they would be in your situation or how you would be in that situation? I always knew that when Jonathan told me that the conditions were safe, or that my skill level could handle certain maneuvers, I knew it because he had closely observed my training. Even when I bought my wing, I really wanted to buy one of the brands that Jonathan represented, and especially liked the Mescal 2, however, being a pretty big guy (about 2 regular paraglider pilots worth) I felt like I needed to go with the largest surface area wing in the DHV-1 category. Jonathan helped me order in a wing from another dealer in California. He definitely puts the safety and needs of his students first. I am confident that there is no better instructor in Utah to introduce somebody to the sport of paragliding.

Gavin W.

This past March I drove to Utah from WI to learn how to paraglide. All my life i have wanted to learn how to do it and finally decided i just had to make the commitment and go for it. I called a number of places inquiring about lessons and as soon as i talked to Jonathan i realized he is the guy i wanted to get the lessons from. Once I got to Utah, seeing all of the mountains blew me away. It seemed like the ultimate place to learn to fly. When i pulled up to Jonathan’s house, both the location and his hospitality blew me away. From the moment i arrived his patience and attitude kept me stoked about the lessons the whole time. Jonathan is one of the best instructors i have been around, and i could tell from his reputation around the area that i was not the only person to think that. My experience learning with Utah Paragliding was top notch and i hope to make my way back to Utah to do more flying with Jonathan and everyone there!


Hey Jonathan! I had a good chuckle at myself today when I paused mid-thought and realized I was actually searching through the national association for amateur radio’s website with borderline geeky-zeal! : ) I don’t think I ever imagine myself getting a “Technician Class License for radio operation, or finding it this exciting to read through a meteorological textbook; but oh the places paragliding is taking me! : ) I’m so grateful for the amazing opportunity I’ve had to get started in this awesome world of paragliding and all the things it opens up and I wanted to send another thank you your way for all of your help – TRULY appreciated your patience, skill, and infectious excitement! Can’t say it enough. There is something that has hit me lately as I walk around looking UP more than I ever have in my life! As silly as it may sound, it’s this great sensation of the world suddenly feeling 100 times bigger than it was before when I had to live in it just walking around here on the ground of having pretty much taken the sky for granted most of the time and then only now bam- being hit with the realization of a whole new immense presence over my head. Can’t wait to get back up there and pass along stories of new favorite flights yet to come! that is, if I can ever get past my loss for words trying to describe the wonderment of it all! Thanks again, -Jess

Jessica K.

I have always wanted to fly. I use to come to the point of the mountain when I was in my teens and watch the hang gliders, that was in the late 70’s. Life just took me over and I never had the opportunity to chase my dream of flying… Now that I’m a little older and the kids are out of the nest, my wife said If you don’t do it now when are you going to do it? You’re not getting any younger. If you want to learn to fly consider it your 50th birthday present. So I did! I was so fortunate to find Jonathan for my instructor. He is the best! There were a couple of times on the training hill when I was getting tired and he carried my gear for me! He is the most patient and knowledgeable man I know. I can honestly say that, if it were not for Jonathan I would not be flying today. Thank you Jonathan! Now, I love flying so much, I moved to the point of the mountain so I could be close to the hill and as an added bonus Jonathan is one of my neighbors.

Jim P.

Leonardo da Vinci said, “When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” Jonathan and Utah Paragliding will help you fulfill any dreams you have ever had of tasting flight. The best part about my experience at Utah Paragliding has been that I am now able to taste flight in the most amazing way, paragliding! Jonathan will help and encourage you every step of the way until you are literally soaring with eagles in the mountains. Safety and having fun are always part of every lesson that he gives. Jonathan is truly a gifted teacher.

Jonathan F.

Learning to fly a paraglider offers so much more than the mechanics of operating the wing. Weather study and predictions, time with good friends, evaluating and exploring new sites. This sport opens the door to challenges that few people ever get to experience. I am continually impressed with Jonathan’s infectious enthusiasm for paragliding, his individual attention to new and continuing pilots ensures that everyone learns at their own pace.

Ken B.

Jonathan; Here are some of the pictures I promised to get to you . I’m still on cloud 9 from the wonderful lessons and experience I was able to enjoy from my trip to Utah.As I said before , You taught me more about paragliding in 4 days than I learned in 3 years under other instructors. I plan on being back in 2-3months for more lessons if that alright with you.Again, thank you so very much and safe flying. Larry Tanner, Shawnee, Ok.

Larry T.

I have to say that even in the short time I’ve been flying, it has already given me access to beautiful and amazing places in a much more meaningful way than before. Paragliding has been a sport that has given me many a peaceful moment, and likewise some of the most intense and adrenaline-filled moments of my life. I am constantly learning and finding ways to push myself, and I am truly thankful for the mental and physical challenges that await me as I continue to grow as a pilot. And yes, I have to say it, thank you Jonathan for your positive attitude and enthusiasm, both in lessons and in continuing to help me gain knowledge and skills. I was glad to leave your tutelage feeling that not only had I done the bare minimum, but that you also had at least some confidence in my abilities and judgments. Thanks again, and I’ll see you flying or skiing!

Laurie D.

Jonathan is the best paragliding instructor I know. I talked my mom, 3 brothers, and 2 sisters into trying paragliding with me and we all did an intro lesson one morning in 2005. Jonathan very carefully explained the ropes, and got us flying that morning as soon as we were comfortable and ready to go! We had the time of our lives, and talked about that day ever since. There is nothing as amazing as your first step off the ground into the air. I couldn’t believe it. My mom and I later decided to get our P2 certifications, and continued lessons in 2007 after I graduated from college. I went paragliding every day possible for a month and a half – it was so fun!! As we worked on our P2 certifications, the thing I remember most was Jonathan’s patience. No matter how many times I made small mistakes, he would patiently help me start over and try again. He explained what I did wrong, and how I could fix the mistake the next time around. From Jonathan I learned that it’s not a race to get out and fly – paragliding is a peaceful sport and requires good judgment. If the weather conditions were too strong, Jonathan explained why and we would try again the next day. Because of this, I never felt in danger flying under his supervision. I went on a number of Epic Adventures with Jonathan and this was the very best part about the training!! In addition to the Point of the Mountain, we flew at Randolph, West Mountain, and Stockton Bar. While we were driving to other sites, Jonathan explained different cloud formations we saw in the sky, and how they affect paragliding conditions. I learned quite a bit about weather and paragliding in general on those trips. Since then, I’ve received my P2 and P3 ratings, and moved to Southern California! There are some incredible flying sites down here including Torrey Pines and Marshal Peak. A few weeks ago, I had an AMAZING 3.5 hour flight at Torrey Pines – flying above the beach, along cliffs with incredible mansions and the Torrey Pines golf course on top. That site is truly one of a kind. Once you’ve experienced the world from the sky, being on the ground just isn’t the same.

Lincoln S.

I always wanted to learn paragliding and got an opportunity to travel in the US and heard about Utah Paragliding. I called Jonathan and explained my situation of limited time and low budget. It was a BLAST!!!!!! He is a great teacher with tons of experiences and a lot of insight to share. He went above and beyond my expectations, is a good friend to be around and a skilled pilot to fly with. I spent 10 days in Salt Lake City, got my P2 certification, and about 25 hours of flying time. Every day was Awesome! Jonathan took us to a few different spots and one day towing. He also allowed me to fly on a few different wings, which was really helpful. He also hooked me up with great gear for a very affordable price. The best part of the trip was the graduation Bar-B-Que; I felt it was an honor for all our hard work. Recently I have been flying in Washington, I love my set up! Thanks to Jonathan for teaching me safely and also helping me to develop good judgment on flying weather conditions. I’m excited to go home and fly all around India!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I really enjoyed my time with Jonathan and all the others students. The best part was all the new friends. I really pushed it and did a lot of things. My advice to future students is not to be afraid to push it to the limits. Jonathan is such an excellent judge of character and ability that you can go to the edge but not over. Believe me the view from the edge is worth it. I am looking forward to next June as we are planning a big trip to Alaska. Two weeks of flying 24hrs a day. Whoopee!

Michael T.

I have been fortunate enough to train with Jonathan through my whole certification. You can ask anybody on the mountain about Jonathan and they will all say he is charismatic and truly loves to teach and fly. Words can’t describe the feeling of sitting back in a cozy bucket seat with nothing but your feet swinging below you. I’ll never forget flying 30′ over a herd of deer with their puzzled faces staring back at me, they ran when they realized I was probably going to land on them.

Mike C.

Hi Jonathan I hope your summer is going well. I have been working here on the Arkansas River in Colorado and flying pretty often. I thought i would send you some pics of a site i have been flying lately. Launch is just under 12,000 feet and landing is at about 7,400 feet, and around the other side of the mountain, the flights have been spectacular. Feel free to use any of the images on your website or in any way you choose. Jonathan i have no doubt that you improve the quality of life for those around you on a constant bases. You are a great instructor, a great person, and a great role model, thanks for everything.

Mitchell R.

It’s hard to describe how paragliding can really change your life. After learning to fly here in Utah with Jonathan Jefferies I went home to California for an internship. And it was amazing how a couple months of paragliding had completely changed my perspective on the world. The gentle rolling hills of the San Francisco Bay Area had been a part of my life for as long as I could remember. But this summer as I looked out from my house instead of a hill I saw a potential launch site. When I would drive closer to a hill, I would watch the birds to see how they faired. On the way home from work I would take careful note of the flags fluttering at the local wineries to try to get a grasp on the local weather conditions. Finally I picked a site that was a mere ten minutes from my house. It was a gentle hill at the end of a small ravine. The vertical from launch to landing was only 200 feet, and the soarable part of the ridge was not more than a couple hundred feet. But I will never forget the exhilaration I felt when I left the ground there for the first time. The air lifted me off the ground and I flew back and forth across the ridge many times before I eventually grew tired and landed. The feel of free flight simply can not be explained, it must be felt. But once you have tried it, it will always stay with you.

Nathan P.

Jonathan is the reason I got hooked on paragliding. On my introductory lesson I was flying over 100 ft in the air. On my third lesson I was flying over 2000 vertical feet off of West Mountain. It was a blast! Throughout my certification he was very patient, thorough in his instruction, and never pushed the limits of my safety. In addition, after my certification, he was always willing to give advice when I would see him on the hill. Not only is he one of the nicest guys I have ever met, but his passion for paragliding is contagious. I look forward to many flights with him in the future.

Roman R.

Peter Pan lives. Lost Boys need direction thanks Jonathan for you’re enthusiasm, clear specific directions, Safety first for maximum fun. I look forward to going on some field trips with you. see ya on the mountain:>

Ryan H.

As a BASE jumper, climber, and skydiver, falling (with style, of course) is something I am accustomed to. Falling, however, is not my calling in life. Since the age of three, I’ve wanted to fly. Paragliding is the closest sensation to human flight that I’ve tapped into thus far in my aviational journey. The sensation of actually gaining altitude, ascending away from the earth, is unparalleled and somewhat surreal. I learned to fly last winter at the point of the mountain with my boyfriend Nathan. Learning in the winter worked well for us because most days we had the entire mountain for our personal playground. Winter flying also brings a greater appreciation for warm weather, as my poor fingers needed to defrost after each flight ;^) Jonathan is a remarkable teacher, and continues to serve as a role model as I continue on my path to gravitational freedom!

Sarah C.

If there was ever anything missing in my life–it’s flying. The relationships one can develop with new perspectives, and gaining respect of the natural forces surrounding us are out of this world. Paragliding gives me the chance to try and understand the earth from above viewing it through different eyes. There are amazing things that are magically happening all around us every day, and no one will ever know these things are happening unless they stop to dial in. Paragliding will help you dial in to new perspectives on life, and yourself, that you never knew existed. Thanks for helping me get my wings, it’s by far the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me. See you on the hill.

Scott W.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to Utah Paragliding for the positively AWESOME flying experience this past month. Wow! It has been a couple of weeks now and I’m still buzzing with excitement! In just over a week I became a solo rated paraglider pilot (P2) with close to 20 hours of solo airtime. I believe the teaching program used by Utah Paragliding is second to none. Jonathan’s mellow, very professional approach, uncomromising of safety, inspired confidence, yet he still managed to make it unbelievably FUN! I arrived in Salt Lake City in the end of January with a somewhat limited budget (recently unemployed) and Jonathan went out of his way to accommodate me. I got to fly 5 or 6 different gliders (sorry about the ‘tenderizing’ Jonathan!) and harnesses ranging in performance. In the end I left with a brand new harness and a slightly used wing in great shape, both very fair deals! It is my strong conviction that Utah Paragliding is one of the best schools out there and Jonathan is the best instructor one can hope to meet. This is the humble opinion of a long time hangglider pilot (me) who has seen his share of schools of freeflight. I can’t wait to go back this summer (if my financial situation permits) to fly some of the great sites around Salt Lake. I will definitely give you a buzz Jonathan when I’m in the area. Thanks again, I love you man, and I’m not even gay!!

Stan A.

At some point in their life, everyone dreams of flying. Paragliding gives us the opportunity to experience free flight without the roar of an engine or the confining nature of an airplane. It is, however, a sport that must be entered into with safety as the main objective. Jonathan takes his students’ safety very seriously and is, without exception, the best paragliding instructor at the Point of the Mountain. Jonathan is passionate about flying and gets great joy just from seeing his students learn the art of flying. He is very patient and will give you as many lessons as you feel you need to become comfortable flying on your own. Part of the beauty of training with Jonathan is that you will always have the same instructor for all of your lessons instead of being passed around to different instructors on different days with the larger paragliding schools. This provides you with a much more consistent training regime, and the instructor knows exactly what subjects have already been covered and what has not. Paragliding has changed my life. I check the weather websites compulsively now and continually dream of my next flight. If you are looking for a new adventure, I strongly recommend paragliding lessons with Jonathan and Utah Paragliding. Explore the invisible!

Todd S.

My son and I have been fortunate to be trained by one of the best instructors in the business. Jonathan is excellent at teaching the technical aspects of flying in simple and easily understood methods. His training went far beyond flying technique, he taught us how to make wise decisions regarding flying conditions and flying safely. I trust Jonathan with the safety of my son. He makes the training fun and stress free. I highly recommend Jonathan to anyone who is considering learning to fly paragliders.

Vaughn & Kable C.

I have always dreamed and daydreamed of flying. Paragliding has made those dreams reality. There is nothing quite like the first time your feet leave the ground and you are soaring. I am very fortunate to have Jonathan to be my instructor. His patience and skill in flying allow him to teach the skills necessary for safe and fun flight. I would strongly recommend him as an instructor for anyone.

Veloy C.

Jonathan – Thank you for the top quality instruction this past week allowing me to get my P2 certification. Your patience, humor and repetition of important drills was appreciated. I actually found myself leaning into the turns as I was driving back to Canada. For anyone else reading this – Yes that’s right, I drove 18 hours each way to study with Jonathan at Utah Paragliding. I looked into several other schools but the clincher was the feedback from the other students on his webpage. It was a good decision because his student / teacher ratio was much better than the other more commercial schools but I imagine this will change as the word gets out about how great his instruction is. Bottom line – get in there before the word gets out and he has to hire other instructors. Here are the stats: 6 days, 8 lessons,31 flights. 8 hours of ground school, and two field trips. I did have three days of running down the training hill, probably half a dozen 10 feet in the air flights and two tandem flights previous to enrolling in Jonathan’s school. This allowed me to start with high flights from the south side of Point of the Mountain. I’m sure one day or so with Jonathan would prepare anyone serious about the sport for high flights of the south side. I’ll be back for more lessons when I have time to upgrade!

Warren B.

From my first (and so far only) tandem flight, through my P1, ground school, P2 and P3, Jonathan has been a terrific instructor. He’s always there for me and all his students for whatever level assistance we need – intense one-on-one, or just the little helpful hints. Jon’s an extremely knowledgeable and experienced instructor, calmly patient even with me. His approach really made the learning experience fun and exciting, encouraging me to push ahead, never pushing me beyond my limits. So much fun in fact, that I moved from Atlanta to Salt Lake to keep taking my paragliding to the next level. Jonathan has introduced me to different flying sites and conditions, taking the time and effort to really care about the experience. Thanks, Jonathan!

Will W.