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PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase an instructional tandem here on-line via the web site you will receive an email with a digital voucher. If you would like to purchase an instructional tandem flight for yourself or another and do not need a voucher, then all you need to do is call or text us at 801-368-5139 to schedule a time. After you finish your flight we will collect payment. We accept any form of payment and you do not need to pay for the flight until it is over. Some days the wind or weather do not cooperate and we need to cancel, so we prefer to take payment after the flight is over and not before hand so as to avoid refunding payments. Since the weather dictates when we can or cannot fly we understand that it may take multiple attempts to schedule. For that reason vouchers can be redeemed for up to one year after purchase. Again, you will need to call and schedule before you use it, so we can plan on it.

An instructional tandem flight is a great way to check out the sport of paragliding with the least amount of effort. You will be a passenger in your own seat connected to a pilot in his own seat. You are just along for the ride as the pilot has the controls. However, if conditions permit the pilot may allow the passenger to try steering the glider. Flights are about half an hour or so long and take place at the Point of the Mountain. Pick a day that you would like to fly and then call/text 801-368-5139 to schedule or email [email protected]. When that day arrives, call again for a weather check before you leave home. If the wind is good then we fly, if the wind is not cooperating then we reschedule. We do tandem flights in the morning during the first 3 hours of the day and in the afternoon during the last 3 hours of daylight. This is when the air is the smoothest. We generally avoid flying during the middle of the day as that is when the air becomes quite bumpy due to thermal heating. The Point of the Mountain has 2 sides that we can fly on. Flights take place on both sides. The South side in the mornings and the North side in the afternoons. Both sides are a lot of fun to fly on, but the North side offers the opportunity to get thousands of feet over the valley whereas the south side offers the opportunity to get hundreds of feet over the valley. Arrangements can be made to fly other locations as well, for an additional charge as it takes longer to travel to those sites. The Squaw Peak overlook (INSPO), over Orem is a great place to fly as well. It overlooks Utah Valley and Utah Lake and offers great afternoon flights. The “V” above Bountiful is another good afternoon option too. We have other locations we fly also, but they are all about a 2 hour drive from Salt Lake City. Please call or email with additional questions. Tandem flights make a unique gift, date or group activity, but please keep in mind that we tend to cancel about half of the time because the wind may not be cooperating. So if you are doing this as an event then please have a flexible schedule as we often need to wait around for the wind to get just right. Or, please have a plan B if we need to cancel. Conditions are often very consistent and reliable but it is difficult to schedule a wind dependent sport sometimes. Weight limit of 200lbs.


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