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PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase a lesson here on-line via the web site we will mail you a gift certificate that you can give as a gift. If you would like to purchase a lesson for yourself or another and do not need a gift certificate, then all you need to do is call or text us at 801-368-5139 to schedule a time. After you finish your lesson then we will collect payment. We accept any form of payment. You do not need to pay for the lesson until it is over. Some days the wind or weather do not cooperate and we need to cancel, so we prefer to take payment after the lesson is over and not before hand so as to avoid refunding payments. Since the weather dictates when we can or cannot fly we understand that it may take multiple attempts to schedule. For that reason gift certificates do not expire. But you will need to call and schedule before you use it, we need to know that you are coming so we can plan on it.

If you are curious about the sport of Paragliding then come on out and give it a try! On lesson #1 you can usually get your feet off the ground. It is a very hands on experience, and you will be hooked by the end of the lesson.

  • $200.00 includes all necessary equipment.
  • Meet at dawn at the Point of the Mountain State Flight Park South Side for about a 2 to 3 hour long lesson.
  • Learn to launch a paraglider.
  • Learn to steer a paraglider.
  • Learn to land a paraglider.
  • Get in a few good solo flights!
  • The flights and money paid go towards certification if you continue.

You will be surprised at how quickly your feet will leave the ground! That being said, we move forward at your pace and are in no hurry. We start out with an overview of the equipment, and then learn how to launch the glider on flat ground. As we progress, we get higher and higher up the “bunny hill”, and before you know it, you are flying the glider for little short flights. It is common to leave the 2 to 3 hour long lesson with a handful of good solo flights under your belt. Remember though, progress is set at the students own pace and ability as well as the wind speed, so some people get in a few more and some get in a few less flights. By the end of the lesson you will know if this sport is for you! All money paid for the introductory lesson goes towards the full certification course if one decides to pursue the sport. Introductory lessons occur in the mornings at the crack of dawn at the South Side flight park at the Point of the Mountain. That is where our training hill is located. Lessons require a south wind, which we get like clock work many mornings. However, occasionally the wind will blow from the north in the morning. On those days we cancel lessons, so please make sure to call/text 801-368-5139 for a weather check before you leave home! Please keep in mind that the introductory lesson is a physical work out, as you will be hiking up the training slope with the equipment and flying down multiple times. So, it is a good idea to bring water to drink and have appropriate foot wear.


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