Advanced Ratings (P3/P4), $200 or FREE to graduates




  • P-3 rating. Do you have 20 hours and 90 flights? Take the exam and show us what you’ve got and we will help fill in the gaps.
  • P-4 rating. Do you have 75 hours and 250 flights? Take the exam and show us what you’ve got and we will help fill in the gaps.
  • No charge for Utah Paragliding graduates.

If you are a graduate of Utah Paragliding there is no charge for your P3 and P4 ratings. Getting these ratings is mostly a matter of flying… a lot. After you have the required hours and flights then we can fill in the gaps on the check off list and sign you off for your rating. There is no real P3/P4 course, because it takes a very long time to build up the numbers. I have had students get enough time in to get their P3 after about a month of getting their P2. But they usually don’t have a job, or live near the Point of the mountain and are literally my shadow, following me around and calling me all the time and going on lots of flying expeditions with me. I like my shadow students; we have a lot of fun. They are the teachable sponges that absorb everything. Even the annoying ones become good friends. You need 20 hours and 90 flights to get your P3, and 75 hours and 250 flights to get your P4. If you have those requirements and are from out of town, then come on out and take the “course” and get your rating. Basically what it would entail is us observing and verifying your skill level. We go down the check off list and make sure all requirements are met. If you are found lacking in any area then we work on refining those skills. There is a written exam. The rating upgrade for a non-graduate of Utah Paragliding is $200.


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